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Growcoon gebruiker: Pacific Plug & Liner Invests in New Planting Line Technology

Growers are automating to reduce labor, improve efficiencies, and boost crop quality and uniformity. These points are especially important for young plant growers, who are supplying plugs and liners to growers of all sizes around the nation. As such, Pacific Plug & Liner (PP&L) in Watsonville, CA, which specializes in producing perennial young plants, showcased its recent investments at the 2018 California Spring Trials, providing visitors with a look behind the scenes to see improvements on the operation’s planting lines.

Front of the Line Innovation

First off, PP&L has recently adopted the Growcoon propagation system to amp up the vitality of its young plants. A biodegradable tissue with an elastic yet open structure, the Growcoon holds growing substrate together in propagation systems without compaction.

growcoon in hydroponics
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