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Linear Atmospheric Plasma System

Back to overview No proper pretreatment = no effective adhesion. Pretreatment is essential for all bonds. Specifically for the flexible solar cell industry and the OLED industry, Maan Group developed a high-tech technique to provide the highly sensitive layers of solar cells with pretreatment on a molecular level. The Linear Atmospheric Plasma System increases the…

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DieRect Roller Coating Nozzle

Back to overview Process control and raw material savings. That’s what it is all about in the world of label production. To support label printers, Maan Group developed an innovative hotmelt coating nozzle, which applies an extremely thin coating and minimises disturbances in the adhesive surface. The basis of the Hotmelt Coating Station is the…

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Pattern coater

Back to overview For the label industry, Maan Group developed a coating machine to apply small patterns of adhesive to paper at high speed. Among other options, this coating technique makes it possible to produce medicine strips in an efficient and future-oriented way. Up to 80 metres per minute This narrow web Pattern Coater allows…

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Ultra Thin 3D Sticker

Back to overview Sometimes you want to add features to a machine without adversely affecting its operation. This requirement drove Maan Group to develop self-adhesive stickers that are thinner than the thickness of half a human hair. This allows customers to create very special layer properties in specific areas without this layer affecting the operation…

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Back to overview Based on a biodegradable polymer, Maan Group developed a biodegradable plug for the agricultural industry. This plug allows plant growers to automate their process efficiently, without affecting the plant’s habitat. The Growcoon enables to supply crops faster, ensure more uniform growth, limit wastage, and make the production process more efficient. All consequences…

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