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DieRect Roller Coating Nozzle

Process control and raw material savings. That's what it is all about in the world of label production. To support label printers, Maan Group developed an innovative hotmelt coating nozzle, which applies an extremely thin coating and minimises disturbances in the adhesive surface.

The basis of the Hotmelt Coating Station is the Coating Head. Highly accurate dosing is guaranteed thanks to three individually driven pumps. The Coating Head can hold various types of nozzle, such as the DieRect Roller Nozzle and the SlotNozzle.

Patented application technology

The DieRect Roller Coating Nozzle has a hardened shaft that removes dirt particles in the adhesive. The adhesive is extruded directly onto the substrate and spread on the substrate by the shaft. This leads to extremely thin coatings without stripes or thickness tolerances. The easy swapping of nozzles ensures that patterns are fairly easy to adjust.

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