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Linear Atmospheric Plasma System

No proper pretreatment = no effective adhesion. Pretreatment is essential for all bonds. Specifically for the flexible solar cell industry and the OLED industry, Maan Group developed a high-tech technique to provide the highly sensitive layers of solar cells with pretreatment on a molecular level.

The Linear Atmospheric Plasma System increases the surface tension of (flexible) materials by treating them with plasma. This improves the adhesive properties. The system can be used in processes for the production of printed electronics, flexible electronics and light-sensitive plastics.

Efficient treatments

It is also suitable for the pretreatment of conductive materials. In addition, the system offers direct and efficient treatments with a high degree of homogeneity under atmospheric pressure. The Linear Atmospheric Plasma System may be used in roll-to-roll and flat-sheet production processes. Besides the production process of printed and flexible electronics, the system can also be applied in OLED and OPV production processes.

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