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Ultra Thin 3D Sticker

Sometimes you want to add features to a machine without adversely affecting its operation. This requirement drove Maan Group to develop self-adhesive stickers that are thinner than the thickness of half a human hair. This allows customers to create very special layer properties in specific areas without this layer affecting the operation of the machine.

The ultra-thin seal is used to seal openings in high-tech machines. These seals are extremely thin to keep their impact on the surroundings to a minimum. The major benefit of the seal is that it can be positioned easily and quickly without tools and thus be functional right away. In addition, the seal can be removed without residues, so it can be replaced quickly. All with the goal of minimising machine downtime. The lifespan of an ultra-thin seal is more than 12 years.

Any desired thickness

The self-adhesive hotmelt/pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) is produced in-house at Maan Special Products and can be applied in any required thickness. The type of adhesive is also selected according to the customer's wishes and is always checked very precisely. The thin coating layers are used in all applications.

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