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Phoenix Release BV

Phoenix Release is a new established company with 100 years’ experience in UV curing products and Release Coatings. Phoenix Release is an innovative company that focusses on the development and production of sustainable release coatings for the global converting/PSA industry.  

As Phoenix Release, we specialized ourselves in the development of UV curable release coatings, which can be used for different market segments like: PSA labels, Linerless labels, Hygiene, Specialty tapes, Electronics, and Roofing. Phoenix Release can offer a full range of release characteristics from premium release up to very tight release (4 – 400 cN/25mm, based on Tesa 7475).

For the linerless market Phoenix Release offers different products like Phoenix Release RC10LV which results in an excellent and stable release with a wide range of Hotmelt adhesives. The RC10LV product can be applied with different coating techniques as there are: multi-roll and gravure coating techniques. The RC10LV product can be cured with standard medium pressure Hg-UV lamps used in combination with inert atmosphere. 

Besides the well know radical curing products Phoenix Release also offers cationic curing products, which can be cured under atmospheric conditions. 

Phoenix Release continuous the developments of new products. Some new products in the pipeline are LED-UV curable release coatings, also new products based on non-Silicone release are in the development phase and will be rolled out soon. 

All the products of Phoenix Release are developed and produced in their HQ in Almere, the Netherlands.

Phoenix Release BV
Zenderstraat 9
1324 KX Almere
The Netherlands

+31 (0)36 5314590

1060 x 530 kopiëren
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