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Maan Engineering

Maan Engineering is continuously looking for the best hotmelt coating technology and how we can apply it. We want to be a leader in this field. Because we believe there is always room for improvement. That is why we continue to innovate and develop in the field of hotmelt coating technology. And that’s why we have a major focus on linerless labelling. Because we strongly believe that sustainable alternatives are required. We translate new insights into our coating equipment. We answer your specific questions in cooperation with partners. This way, we continuously strive for the best performance. So that we not only answer your hotmelt coating questions, but you are also assured of the most efficient, controllable and sustainable application of our machines in your specific situation. And we are happy to put our knowledge at your disposal.

Strengthen your position with the best coating equipment

Maan Engineering
Klipperweg 16
8102 HR Raalte
The Netherlands

+31 (0)572 – 30 26 14

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