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In-house Coating Seminar
for the European Label Industry

29 & 30 june 2022

The most practical event for the European Label Industry

As a label producer, are you currently experiencing challenges regarding delivery times and deliveries? To what extent can you determine your own label properties? And how sustainable is your product really?

During the In-house Coating Seminar for the professional label producer we look at market challenges, now and in the future. You will discover what In-house Coating means in practice and how it can strengthen your market position.

Meet up with leading suppliers in the (linerless) label chain, get all the answers you need and get a good view of the benefits when you start coating or laminating yourself. With a specific focus on linerless labels.


Live Package*: € 150,- p.p. ex. VAT,

*Including overnight stay, lunch, dinner and breakfast

We look forward to welcoming you to our fully catered event. Next to access to the event location(s), your hotel stay as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price!

Do you prefer entrance Only? € 50,- p.p. ex. VAT

  • Gives you acces on both days. Including lunch


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June 29:

Vision on label market developments from different perspectives + conversion into practical concepts

+ What is the state of the market? What ‘urgent matters’ are involved?

+ How can I make myself less dependent on various factors?

+ Future proof concepts that respond to this


Specific updates and presentations will be released as soon as possible

June 30:

In-house coating technique in practice

+ Take control

+ Produce more sustainably

+ Making a difference at product level

+ Product demonstrations

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