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Demo Room

Show what you can do

For the customers of Maan Engineering, Maan Group has an extensive and tightly organised production area where the standard equipment is always ready for operation. This space allows feasibility tests to be carried out for each application presented, as well as the development of new products, or the running of pilot productions. These machines may also be deployed to cover production while waiting for new equipment to be delivered. Production is often carried out in the presence of the necessary material suppliers.

Facility features

In the demo facility there are two set-ups for coating label materials made of paper and foil. Various types of coating can be applied to these lines and various materials can be processed. In addition, the space has a set-up for the Hotmelt Flat Lamination process. Also complete with the necessary pretreatment techniques. This room is also equipped with a manually controlled hotmelt adhesive system and a plasma pretreatment system.

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